Purpose and Trust

We loved the following post from Voltex: When the greatest sporting teams the world has ever seen were playing, it seemed as if they were playing a different game to everyone else. The plays that had once seemed undoable, suddenly become part of the game plan. It was as if a state of grace had descended on those players and for a moment, they [...] Read more

What is Smart CCTV

Testing the best Surveillance camera Systems Smart CCTV….. Because of the high incidence of antisocial behaviours and suburban crimes increasing at never before levels, systems have been developed within the IT Industry to detect or predict human movements and behaviours. Recorded actions of previous misdemeanors have been gathered by computers [...] Read more

Tips to Consider Before Purchasing an Air Conditioner

We are living in an area (Gold Coast north to Sunshine Coast) that suffers extreme weather conditions with heat and humidity, possibly cold. At times coping with the usual daily grind can be exaggerated by our extreme weather conditions. If it’s your wishes to eliminate humidity at home or the office or reduce the effects of above average [...] Read more

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